Keyword Research For Search Engine Optimization


This short article will give you the basic knowledge about how to research for keywords. This page is specific to Search Engine Optimization only.

On the internet, the “Keywords” are the words typed at Search Engines by the visitors to find an information.

“Keyword Research” is the process of understanding:

  • What the internet users are searching for?
  • Which keywords are used to find a specific information?
  • The keywords used by most of the users (demand)
  • The results for a specific keyword search (supply)
  • The keywords that have more demand, but less supply

When you understand the above and relate it to your website, it will be easy for you to do keyword research.

Let us assume that your firm’s name is “ABC Motors”, you have a website “” that sells used cars online. To promote your commercial website you will normally not rely on search engines (as the search engines index informative website only) for traffic.

If you want to get free traffic from search engines, you must consider adding quality content (various articles and information related to cars) to your website.

Before you create the content, you must complete the keyword research, i.e. understand what your prospects are searching for, and create your contents accordingly.

The Process:

You must first understand your prospects (customers).

Then you must find the keywords that your prospects will use to find your website.

To find that, you must get into the shoes of your prospects. Assume that you want to buy an old car and search the internet.

List all the keywords that you will use to find your website on the internet. At this stage almost everyone does the mistake of restricting their imagination. When you restrict your imagination, you will get a list as follows:

abc motors,, used cars, old cars, second hand cars, buy a car, sell a car

The above list is fine just to start with. But you must expand the list to about 2000 or above and then filter about 200+ quality keywords.

You may be wondering how to create such a huge list of keywords. There are many free tools on the internet. Please try the following tools:

  • Google Keyword Research Tool (FREE online tool)
  • Word Tracker Keyword Tool (FREE online tool)
  • Keyword Station (FREE software that runs from your computer)

There are some tools that give you information like “how many people” are searching a specific keyword and “how many websites” are displayed for a specific keyword. One such tool was offered free-of-cost by Yahoo. Now they have restricted for their customers only. You must advertise with them to use their utilities.

There are also tools that will give you complete data like no. of searches, no. of results and the KEI value (Keyword Effectiveness Index) for all the keywords that are being searched on the internet.

If your business depends on Search Engines, then you must purchase one of the following for you:

  • Keywords Analyzer (The most powerful software that runs from your computer)
  • Word Tracker (7 days free trial for the most powerful online keyword tool)

If you are a beginner, I suggest, just do the basic research and get as many quality keywords as possible (about 200+). Then create your articles around those selected keywords (usually about 2 or 3 keywords per article).